About Us


Well it all actually started with SugaBums. Shaakira Matthews and myself, Ruf-Qah Abbas Hoosain loved using cloth with our little ones. But being the bright, bubbly and funky young moms that we are (or we think we are hehe) we wanted to see more of this fun in the cloth we were using. Both of us were on a bit of a budget, so we could not really afford the custom made WAHM nappies. So we wanted to start with the basics. We loved our hemp flats and thought that this would be a great place to start incorporating our funky personalities into the cloth we loved using so much. Hence SugaBums was born.

We sourced only the highest, local quality Organic Hemp and dyed them in the bright funky colours we wanted to see. Shortly after starting SugaBums the opportunity arose to purchase, the already established cloth business, Nappy Ever After. This was amazing, as the brands NEA was importing were exactly what we wanted. The colours were fresh, bright and funky and most of all within our price range and potentially most mammas price range. We stuck to one International brand, LittleLAMB, as it was best suited to what were brought with our SugaBums range.

LittleLAMB and SugaBums together was the perfect match of simplicity and affordability. We strive towards Superior quality and workmanship and trying to make cloth affordable for every mamma out there.

We have a few additions to our family this year, but cannot reveal anything as yet.