Flats and Cover Mini Bundle

Flats and Cover Mini Bundle

Regular price R 615.00

This kit contains:

3 x SugaBums' Organic Hemp Flats

1 x LittleLamb Bombproof Wrap


 Size 1:

Medium Flats: 60x60 ( 4kg - 8kg)

Size 1 Wrap ( 3kg- 9kg)

Size 2:

Large Flats: 70x70 ( 8kg+)
Size 2 Wrap (8kg - 16kg)

Size 3: (Only available via pre-order)

Large Flats 70x70 (8kg+)

Size 3 Wrap ( 16kg+)

 *Please make a note of your Flats and wrap color selection in the notes section provided.